Monday, 21 January 2008

Wedding Plans

Christmas has come and gone and the time has really come to get on with our wedding arrangements. There really is no putting it off any longer (as the countdown thingamajig on the left keeps reminding me).

The important stuff is all booked it's the smaller things that seem to make up a much longer list. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Debenhams zapping seemingly everything in sight with a bar code scanner to create our wedding list. What we thought would take half an hour ended up as a four hour marathon. I found it quite a difficult thing to do - one the one hand most people nowadays expect a wedding list to be available so as to avoid the traditional 2 dozen toasters. On the other hand, the same as when I am asked what I want for Xmas/birthday I don't want to appear greedy and suggest something that the giver can't afford. We stuck with price ranges that we would pay if buying things for ourselves - it would have been easy to go mad (who on earth pays £19 for a teaspoon !!!!) - and hopefully we have managed a reasonable list. Any readers wishing to purchase a present the online list is can be viewed at .... only joking.

Last night we confirmed the honeymoon so that's sorted. Not much else to do now .... except meet the vicar again, order of service , get the invitations out, discuss music with dj, finalise the catering, cars, suits, ties, gifts, buttonholes, no doubt much more I've forgotten to mention.

Meanwhile that countdown clock keep on counting down !

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