Sunday, 27 January 2008

These Google Ads

Ok so I sold out - I've added Google Adsense to the blog. Hopefully I will have earned enough to buy a pint by the time I'm 87.

To be honest I don't believe the vast majority earn anything at all from these little ads, it's certainly not why I added them. It's simply because it intrigues me how they work and what ads appear against what posts. For example the recent post about Hampshire Police being gay friendly brought up one for wrist surgery - tenuous to say the least but I did mention a limp wristed salute in the post at some point. It may not be there now as they seem to change with each view.

But try as I might, I can't find any connection between the post preceding this one - about our forthcoming wedding arrangements - and a Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic in Reading !

Unless of course Google Ads are trying to tell me there is more to married life than I realised !

(I normally try to find a picture to illustrate a blog post - in this instance I decided it's better for everyone if I don't)

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