Thursday, 3 January 2008

That's That For Another Year Then

That's that then - Xmas and New Year over and done with for another year.

Some things never change.
  • It wasn't a white Xmas
  • Everything worth watching was on BBC1
  • The break was too short
  • I spent far more than intended
  • Turkey sandwiches are simply the best
  • New Years Eve is still the most depressing night of the year.
  • For a week or so, no-one knows what day it is
One change I did notice this year was the lack of outdoor lights round our way. Outdoor light displays - some, it has to be said, more tasteful than others - have been a growing trend over the recent years but this year they were conspicuous by their absence. Whether this was down to the size of electricity bills nowadays, an environmentally friendly conscience or simply not being arsed I don't know but I kinda missed them .

The tree and decorations - or what little of them the kittens allowed to remain intact - are put away, the lounge looks twice as big and twice as tidy again and everything looks back to normal. And as much as I look forward to Xmas, normal is what feels best.

Happy New Year everyone - only another 356 shopping days to Christmas.

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