Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Colin the Cactus - The Rescue Mission *

During one of those Antiques Roadshow inspired clear out's, hoping to find some long forgotten treasure (for treasure read junk) at least worth putting on E-Bay, if not attracting the interest of Sothebys ,we came across this.
The pot has a sticker reading "Potted Cactus" so I guess that's what it is (or maybe was). As an indication of size the pot is 3.5 inches across, (that's 9cm for my younger readers) and Colin (for that is what I have named him ) stands 2.5" (or 6cm) tall.

Mrs W wanted to throw it away . I decided I'm going to rescue it. I mean him (sorry Colin). After all if hes a cactus he comes from the desert. Deserts go without rain for years, yet still they survive. So he must be rescue-able-ish. First step is a drink of much needed water. If that doesn't work then I'll try him on a teaspoon of brandy (it worked on my rabbit when I was a boy)

So don't forget to pop back regularly for exciting updates in the rescue of Colin the Cactus.

*Any Hollywood producers interested in the movie rights to this heart wrenching but exciting true life drama can contact me via the comments link below.