Friday, 17 October 2008

Joe the Plumber

Last weekend Joe the Plumber became a new real life representative of hard working American tax-payers everywhere. a sort of trans-Atlantic Joe Bloggs in the flesh.

Except it turns out he's not a proper plumber, doesn't pay his taxes and his name's not even Joe.

I could make this a criticism of politicians distorting facts to make a point, or the media jumping on a story without checking facts.

But no. All I'm interested in is the guy's real name.

Samuel J Wurzelbacher

He has to be a relation of some sort. Time to extend the family tree research net a bit wider methinks.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Be Prepared

Woke up this morning to the sound of fog horns. Drew back the curtains to reveal one of those beautiful autumn mornings crisp feel to the air, bright sunshine but very foggy. A perfect photo opportunity.

Grabbed my camera and left for work an hour earlier than necessary heading for the country park down on the edge of the river. The conditions were sure to create some spectacular scenery down there.

Spectacular was indeed the right word. Trees and the chapel rising our of the grey nothingness, the sun creating amazing patterns where it broke through the mist, the water taking on a mystical appearance. Beautiful photos there for the taking.

3 clicks of the camera later and my batteries were dead !

Friday, 10 October 2008

Wurzel Tip #1

The first in a (occasional) series of handy tips from the World of Wurzel.
This one comes courtesy of my youngest daughter. A couple of weeks ago she randomly told me that ground black pepper stops bleeding.
This morning I put it to the test. I suffered one of those shaving nicks that produces more blood than an amputation. 20 minutes and half a toilet roll, face putty (my own concoction of talc and savlon cream) and dabs of aftershave later, the crimson stream continued to pour down my neck, leaving a bright red stripe down my body as it headed to the floor.
Then I remembered Li'l Wurzel's advice. Black pepper, sprinkled onto my hand then a fingertip full dabbed onto the cut.
It works ! Instantly !!
I've no idea why, no doubt some scientist can explain, but clearly it's an old wives - or in this case young daughter's - tale that rings true.
One word of warning though - it stings like buggery !

Monday, 6 October 2008

Watching The Game

On Saturday I had the misfortune to go down the pub and watch Coventry v Southampton live on Sky. (I say misfortune as being a Saints fan the final score of 4-1 to Coventry flattered us).

On any of the multiple screens around the pub I was able to watch the game with a pint in my hand, in the dry (it was raining there) with close-ups, multi- angles, and slow motion replays of all the main incidents.

Nothing really new there then. Except the game was played mostly to a backdrop of empty blue seats with an attendance of 15518 seated in a 32500 capacity stadium. Yet there was I, and many others standing literally shoulder to shoulder like sardines in a packed pub watching the same game. It was just like the old days - the old days at the game itself I mean.

This Weeks Spot The Spectator Competition

I doubt this was a one off, I'm sure there were plenty of pubs in Southampton equally packed. Despite being the home team no doubt there were plenty in Coventry watching in a similar manner.I understand that this is being repeated week in week out around the country. I really fear that the game is on a downward spiral, big changes are going to be needed to bring those missing thousands back to the grounds again.