Friday, 10 October 2008

Wurzel Tip #1

The first in a (occasional) series of handy tips from the World of Wurzel.
This one comes courtesy of my youngest daughter. A couple of weeks ago she randomly told me that ground black pepper stops bleeding.
This morning I put it to the test. I suffered one of those shaving nicks that produces more blood than an amputation. 20 minutes and half a toilet roll, face putty (my own concoction of talc and savlon cream) and dabs of aftershave later, the crimson stream continued to pour down my neck, leaving a bright red stripe down my body as it headed to the floor.
Then I remembered Li'l Wurzel's advice. Black pepper, sprinkled onto my hand then a fingertip full dabbed onto the cut.
It works ! Instantly !!
I've no idea why, no doubt some scientist can explain, but clearly it's an old wives - or in this case young daughter's - tale that rings true.
One word of warning though - it stings like buggery !

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