Monday, 6 October 2008

Watching The Game

On Saturday I had the misfortune to go down the pub and watch Coventry v Southampton live on Sky. (I say misfortune as being a Saints fan the final score of 4-1 to Coventry flattered us).

On any of the multiple screens around the pub I was able to watch the game with a pint in my hand, in the dry (it was raining there) with close-ups, multi- angles, and slow motion replays of all the main incidents.

Nothing really new there then. Except the game was played mostly to a backdrop of empty blue seats with an attendance of 15518 seated in a 32500 capacity stadium. Yet there was I, and many others standing literally shoulder to shoulder like sardines in a packed pub watching the same game. It was just like the old days - the old days at the game itself I mean.

This Weeks Spot The Spectator Competition

I doubt this was a one off, I'm sure there were plenty of pubs in Southampton equally packed. Despite being the home team no doubt there were plenty in Coventry watching in a similar manner.I understand that this is being repeated week in week out around the country. I really fear that the game is on a downward spiral, big changes are going to be needed to bring those missing thousands back to the grounds again.

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