Saturday, 5 January 2008

FA Cup 3rd Round Day

Normally one of the most exciting weekends of the football calender, my own team, Southampton, has been drawn against Leicester. And I really don't care.

"The Cup" usually manages to conjure up something exciting, and no doubt it will do this year, but I have no expectations that any drama will be involving my team this time round. In a season more boring than any I can remember the cup, baring some miraculous improvement in form creating a now unlikely push for promotion, was the last hope for any excitement this year. Yet when the draw was made, who did we come up with? One of the "Big 4" ? No. A non-league minnow? No. We got the team we had played the day before. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Sums up the season really.

So, I have no hopes or dreams that I'll be seeing scenes like this again come May this year. I'll try to extend my excitement by donating funds to the local bookie in the vain hope that some unlikely underdogs will come good against top flight opposition.

And you never know - Saints may surprise me yet !

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