Friday, 23 October 2009

Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time

This country allows a right of free speech. Those protesting that the BNP should not be heard are far more dangerous to our society than the BNP will ever be. They like anyone else should have their say, then the public, who have more intelligence than the UAF give them credit for, can vote as they see fit.

The BBC were right to have Nick Griffin on, he is the legitimate leader of a legitimate party. They were wrong to treaat the programme as a lesson in character assassination, it is not what that programme is about.

Having said that I thought he done himself no favours, came across as nervous, unsure of himself and even weaker as a leader than Gordon Brown if that were possible. It was Griffins perfect opportunity to dispel some of the myths about his party and give a reasonable argument as to why they believe some of their policies are necessary - he had his chance and he blew it. By the way why are they referred to as far right? their views on immigration may be but if you take the time to actually read their policies instead of just those publicised by others with an axe to grind, in most other areas they are the furthest left party we have.

I heard the answer to the one question I was hoping to hear last night and it came from the Tory
Sayeda Warsi  (love her accent, what is it Islamcashire?) on immigration, basically they will have set numbers (could be none) each year depending on many factors such as discussions with industry leaders as to how many employees are needed. (Not sure if this meant we could refuse other EU immigrants though). I don't want to see minorities repatriated, just recognition that this is an Island with finite space and resources and can not support an infinite population.

But the having said all that about Griffin, Jack Straw still managed to come across as the biggest knob on the panel.

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  1. I broadly agree with all that. Looks like there is also a poll today showing a bounce for BNP, so the tactics used on BBC Questiontime and by saturating Twitter and the Blogosphere with negative comments about the BNP do seem to have backfired. According to the poll, 22% are "seriously considering" voting BNP. I might even include myself in that 22% if I'm pushed, not because I support them, not because I'm racist but because if the BNP had 50 seats in the next Parliament they'd reign in some of the "politically correct" excesses and much of the Brussels inspired nonsense that has created the really bad situation we've got in the UK at the moment. It would be a calculated risk, a reaction to the cosy status quo enjoyed by the political "elite" and the bastards supposedly running the country at the moment. The moment the BNP looked remotely like gaining overall control, my vote would switch again to prevent them getting the chance to implement their more extreme policies...

    Mind you, if we could somehow get 50 good, moderate, reponsible, democratically accountable independents elected, via Jury Team. That would be a much safer option. I'd prefer that to happen...


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