Friday, 2 October 2009

Flying Down To Rio ?

Today is decision day for the IOC to annonuce the host city for the 2016 Olympics. There are 4 contenders.

Chicago: Atlanta was generally accepted as the worst run games in living memory - Chicago could find themselves tarred with their brush.  In fact they should be refused just to show Obama that not every thing he touches turns to gold (although I'm sure he'll be finding that out soon anyway, but that's a different issue) Also, any country that holds World Series in sports that only they take part in doesn't really understand the Olympic ideal.

Madrid: Surely not likely that a European city will be picked to follow London in 2012. Insistence that bull-fighting be included also likely to count against them. Also it's within driving distance of Germany which will mean delays in the swimming events whilst they clear the towels from around the pool

Tokyo: Asia is a huge continent but with recent games held in Beijing and Seoul it's too early for a return to that continent. Japanese always come up with rubbish mascots wich should also count against them big time. As should  the little known fact that the Olympic rings translate, when written in Japanes characters, as "Your  Mum".

 Rio de Janeiro: The logical choice. The Olympics has never yet been held in South America, it's time they had their chance. City plagued by child street gangs but combining the marathon with the shooting events could help solve the problem in an exciting and entertaining way. Apart from football, Brazil is a country not renowned for sporting excellence so maybe their most famous resident of all time, Ronnie Biggs, could  light the flame at the opening ceremony. Another advantage would be the chance of some new corporate sponsors, with Kleenex being the logical choice for Rio's beach volleyball tournament.

Yep, Rio gets my vote

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