Tuesday, 16 September 2008

In The Words Of Gary Glitter ............

........... "Did you miss me, Yeah, while I was away ?"

Ok not the best example in the world to use for a comeback was it . But one has to keep ones legion of fans happy ( I say legion, I strongly suspect that "Stephen" and "Turtle" are one and the same) so after a gap of a few months I decided it's time to rekindle Wurzel's World.

No excuses for the gap in posting except for, well, I just don't seem to have had the time. So a quick update. Since I stopped posting in April I've

  • Been a bit busy at work (sometimes, just a bit, now and again)
  • Had my Sten night (joint stag and hen night)
  • Got married (best day EVER)
  • honeymooned in Spain
  • came home
  • still enjoying being married
  • spent ages opening presents sorting "thank yous", photos etc.
  • still enjoying being married
  • tried to revive cricket career after 2 years injured - bowling ok, batting shite, now throws like a girl.
  • still enjoying being married
  • lots of days out to random places
  • still enjoying being married
  • Holiday in Cornwall it rained.
  • still enjoying being married
  • tried to get excited about start of new footie season
  • still enjoying being married
  • Same old Saints - already bored with new football season
  • still enjoying being married
  • regained position as reigning champions at Nick's Quiz Nights (with more than a bit of help from Mich )
  • still enjoying being married.

As for the rest of the world, it's gone into meteorological and financial melt down. Whilst I take no responsibility for the weather rumour has it that financial traders the world over have been distracted whilst searching for my non-existent latest posts and taken their eye of the ball investment wise - sorry about that everyone.

I'll try to make sure I post again before Xmas.

Hello tell all your friends I'm back,
I'm back as a matter of fact,
as a matter of factI'm back.
G Glitter

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