Monday, 22 September 2008

Fashionably Old

Last night - if I didn't know it already - I finally realised that I'm getting old.

My 16 year old daughter had won a place in a catwalk show. 3 dozen young ladies had to be whittled down to just 12, with those 12 acting as models for a fashion show to take place next month. She paraded in front of an audience of around 300 people, first in casual wear, then swimwear. She was then selected for the final round, this time wearing evening wear and being interviewed by "celebrity" (I use that word advisedly) compère (I use that word advisedly too) Mike Osman, she didn't seem at all nervous. In fact quite the opposite she seemed quite the confident young lady. And if my daughter is already a young lady that must make me an old man !

Unfortunately she didn't get through into the final 12. Like any totally biased Dad I thought the judges had it wrong, although to be fair they were picking 12 girls to model clothes and it would appear that they went for the biggest variety of shapes and sizes t show off the clothing.

My daughters boyfriend had also entered. Only 4 men were required but he WAS one of the successful ones. NOT the best way to curry favour with your girlfriend I'd have thought.

The evening - unknown to me until I got there - was a charity fund raising evening for Sophie's Appeal. Sophie had died from wilms disease, something my stepson (before I knew him) had battled through and thankfully beaten when very young, losing a kidney in the process. Sophie's parents set up the charity in her memory, to raise funds to support the social, emotional and educational welfare of sick children and their families or carers whilst being treated either in hospital or the community. So all in all an enjoyable evening for a very worthwhile cause. Even if I did go home feeling a lot older than when I got there.

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  1. Just be thankful your grandaughter isn`t 16, unlike some people :-(


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