Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Time Is Right To Do It Now ............

....... The Greatest Rock & Roll Swindle.

I have never been the sort to dismiss any type of music as rubbish simply because I don't like it. But, in my opinion, never in my memory has the current trend(s) in popular music been so bland.

But not for much longer ! The Sex Pistols are back!

No doubt they are, in reality, cashing in on the current trend of long forgotten groups (Police, Led Zeppelin etc etc) reforming in order to fleece their loyal fans one more time, but in their case it's a welcome and well overdue comeback.

They took the music world by storm in the 70s when they emerged from a world of tired glam-rock and disco. It was time for something different back then and by god is it time for change again (even if it's not actually change it's the same again just 30 years on).

Originally announcing just a one-off concert to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of Never Mind The Bollocks, 2 extra nights were swiftly added after the first sold out in just 10 minutes. Regrettably these two were also sold out before I even realised they were to take place.

But it's not just concerts. At weekly intervals throughout October their greatest hits will be re-released one at a time, starting on the 1st October with my all time favourite record Anarchy In The UK.

For those of us that loved it first time round it will be like the return of the prodigal son. For the kids today brought up on an exciting (italicised to emphasise the sarcasm) diet of souless hip-hop, r 'n' b, and indie (not to mention - and I'd sooner not - Coldplay) and you ain't gonna know what's hit you.

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