Sunday, 30 September 2007

Recognition Is Always Nice

I was contacted the other day by a lady from Schmap . She had seen one of my photos of Netley Abbey on my Flickr Photostream and asked if it could be included on one of the Interactive Travel Guides covering the Southampton area. (There's a miniature version at the end of this post)

It didn't take long to say yes. To be honest I didn't even think it was my best photo of the abbey but if they want to use it that's fine by me. I know that there are some professional photographers who get upset by this approach, seeing it as unpaid amateurs being exploited and depriving them of paid work. But at the end of the day I'd put the photo on Flickr because a) I was happy for others to see it and b) other users comments can give you an indiation as to where you are going right or wrong in what is after all just a hobby for me. And as the title says, recognition (even if it unpaid from a profit making organisation) is always nice .


  1. Having looked at the site mentioned, you ought to withdraw permission immediately. Look at the list of Landmarks & Attractions, bearing in mind this is supposed to be a guide to Southampton

  2. A sad but true reflection on Southampton's appeal to visitors these days - if you want something to visit you have to leave and go elsewhere.

    Maybe one day we'll get a council with vision.

  3. Most of them I can deal with - but Fratton Park?!?!?!?


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