Thursday, 6 September 2007


Normally we shop at Tescos (there's a huge one half a mile up the road) for all of our food shopping for no other reason than it is convenient. But for the last few weeks we have been getting our fruit and veg from a local farm shop (also half a mile away in the other direction so why haven't we done it before?).

The difference between their produce and Tescos (and no doubt the other big supermarkets) can be summed up as:-
  • More taste
  • Less cost
  • More choice
  • Less packaging
It gives me a good feeling knowing that we are now eating more healthily, helping a local business survive against the big boys and also being able to buy what we want, not a limited range of pre-packed quantities. And of course the lack of needless packaging means I'm doing my environmental "bit"as well - so everyone's a winner.

Next step is to start using a decent butchers !

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