Saturday, 21 July 2007

Life's Not Fair Is It.

For an hour last evening, along with Mrs Wurzel, I trudged my local streets, one eye on the foreboding dark clouds above, pulling behind me one of those dayglo yellow trolleys. I was delivering this weeks "Advertisers".

Before you get me wrong, it's not my round. Things haven't sunk that low - yet. It's my daughters' - I'm just covering it for them whilst they are in Florida. Yes that's right - Dad is trudging the streets dodging the showers whilst the kids are living it up in WaltDisneyWorld and no doubt sunbathing to their hearts content. As the title says (courtesy of evil Uncle Scar in The Lion King) Life's not fair is it ! Although to be fair it's a suitable payback for when Mrs W and I went to Disney a couple of years ago and left them all behind.

To be honest, I quite enjoyed doing "the round". My sense of natural curiosity was on overdrive at having the opportunity of a good nose through peoples windows under the pretext of stuffing a rolled up newspaper through their letter box . And by pure luck we managed to time the deliveries to coincide with a bunch of Jehovahs Witnesses doing their "round", they were more than happy to walk up quite a few garden paths for me.

So all in all, it wasn't too bad, a bit of exercise in the fresh air combined with a chance of a good nose. But don't tell the girls, they'll have me doing it every week.

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  1. You left [b]Al[/b] behind when you went to Florida! :-O


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