Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Cornwall Get's A Bit Closer

The 222 mile trip from Bursledon to St Ives is becoming a regular trip for me, I reckon the car will soon be able to do it on it's own. Usually I allow five hours for the journey and am then pleased to do it in four and a half. But this weekend saw the journey time drop considerably.

My Dad had gone down to our holiday home alone and was taken ill necessitating an unexpected trip for me and my brothers to collect both him and his car. Leaving at the unusual time of 2pm on a Sunday afternoon we were pleasantly suprised at the lack of traffic on the M27 and around Wareham, giving us a much better start than usual. Later in the journey came even better news, the long awaited Bodmin - Indian Queens Bypass across Goss Moor was finally open. We arrived, with sensible driving throughout, including a very slow stretch due to thick fog on Bodmin Moor, just 3 hours 45 minutes after leaving home. Returning home shaved another 5 minutes off.

Admittedly the time of day was in our favour, virtually no traffic the entire journey to delay us. But new record time's like that almost bring St Ives into the day-trip category. And records are made to be broken.

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