Friday, 6 July 2007

Big Respect To The Arctic Monkeys.

Tomorrow sees a series of worldwide concerts under the banner of Live Earth. Yet another cynical attempt by pop-stars to promote themselves to a world audience whilst patronising their fans with claims to support the latest cause.

It's no secret that I think the global warming/climate change theory is a load of bollix, having been measured over far too short a time scale to indicate anything other than a "blip" on the millions of years of our climate history. But that's not the argument here, it's the hypocrisy of the stars taking part that gets to me.

So how refreshing to see the Arctic Monkeys (among others) criticising the event. As they point out, they are always jetting around the world nowadays, and their latest stage show uses enough energy to power 10 houses and that's just for the stage lighting alone.

Pop stars who practice what they preach - what a novel idea. I might even buy one of their records out of respect.

Sold Out? - Clearly this is one group that hasn't.


  1. What tosh you spout sometimes Mr W! It must be due to either:
    a) you've got your "speaking tosh" head on today


    b) Aunty Ruby is visiting and you've nothing better to do! ;-)

    FWIW - The Arctic Monkeys are great, so you should buy one of their records anyway and where is the harm in trying to cut down on the amount of energy we use up from our planets resources, when it is clear to anyone that they are finite! (that - coming from someone who "sells" insulation for a living!)

  2. You are (no doubt deliberately) missing the point Mr Turtle.
    I am a keen energy saver recycler myself. But I just find a series of concerts using god knows how much energy to produce, not to mention the fuel used by persons attending to get there, performed by "stars" who regularly fly around the globe and/or revel in being seen in the biggest gas-guzzling vehicles, as a message that we must look after our planet by cutting down on energy usage just ever so slightly hypocritical.

  3. I understand your perspective on that, but looking beyond the immediate reaction there is a wider picture.

    Some of the artists, in fact, arrived via The Tube to demonstrate their support. I'm sure they won't always use public transport (as I'm sure you or I won't always take the most energy efficient option!), but the message is one of awareness. The whole concert was "carbon neutral" although I am a little cynical of "buying" carbon credits against personal use! If the message gets across to enough people, then the CO2 saved would vastly outweigh putting on the various concerts.

    Live Earth has certainly got a lot of people talking about the issues involved!

    The message I got from the whole occasion - "it doesn't matter if you are a Cynic or a Convert, why would anyone wantingly waste energy, when clearly the earth's resources are not infinite!"

    Simple measures, carried out by everyone, can only help in the long term. They won't cost more, in fact they should save money.

    Sorry if I was a little hasty to rubbish your latest blog entry!

    I hope you don't mind me using this educational process in my write for our company magazine! Its been quite enlightening!

  4. A debate worthy of any chamber.

    I sympathise with "the message" whole heartedly. But for me it would have been more effective had it been delivered in a different way.

    How about all those big stars performing acoustic sets in village and town halls all over the country instead of at a huge stadium? The various performances could still have been broadcast worldwide but the message would then be emphasised far more. Showing that they are prepared to change their ways (even if just for one day) and not just preach that others should do so would, in my opinion, encourage far more to try and do their little bit.


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