Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Nice Little Bonus .... Gone

Two weeks ago I checked my online utility bills and was pleased to see that those really nice people at British Gas were sending me £184.51, being a surplus balance that had built up on my account. 

Within a week, the oven had blown up, the washing machine packed up and the garden fence blown down.

So that's that little bonus gone before I get it then.


  1. Ah well, never mind. Even after all those unforseen purchases, you'll still be £184.51 less poor than you otherwise would have been...

  2. Good point, I feel better already. Also I'd guess if I had overpaid by £15 a month on the gas/electric I'd have simply spent it on an extra night down the pub each month. So it really is a bonus even if it didn't last long


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