Monday, 26 April 2010

A Fantastic Find During A Walk In The Forest

On Sunday me and Mrs W took a walk in the New Forest. Following a route devised by the National Park themselves,  directions got a bit vague and we found ourselves on the wrong path. Lucky for us we did for suddenly we spotted a couple of deer about 50 feet away through some trees. We stopped immediately, and as we watched realised there was more, at least eight of them. We managed to move a few paces to get a clearer view and the simply stood watching them for a couple of minutes. They knew we were there, at all times at least two were keeping an attentive eye on us, but clearly didn't feel threatened by us. I managed to get the following video of them watching us watching them - they finally ran off when we decided to see if we could approach any closer.
We are used to seeing animals in places like Marwell Park, but to see so many wild animals so close up in their natural habitat was a moving experience. 


  1. HI Andy

    It says the video is not available.

    Mary (Forest Walks)

  2. Changed from a facebook to youtube video, hopefully more reliable.

  3. They are fallow does. Fallow deer are the most common in the forest. Roe Deer are never seen in herds . There are small groups of Red and Sika an you occasionally see a Muntjac.


  4. Thanks for the sharing a such a great information.....


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