Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Boathouse

Boathouse, Trevarno, originally uploaded by Wurzel.
Sometimes a photo comes out even better than you hoped.
This is The Boathouse at Trevarno.
Definitely one of my better efforts.
2 days later the camera broke - I hope the replacement will achieve comparable results


  1. You're right Wurzel. It is a fabulous photo.

    Where did you say it was taken...?

    The pond at Viggers house...?

  2. LoL, well there were plenty of ducks around, but I think they had been told to avoid any photographers.

  3. Nice one, Wurz. Trevarno Gardens are well worth a visit - they sell nice soap that they make there. I can recommend the lavender; well, Mrs. Snopper can. She`s very `fragrant,` to be fair.

  4. Happy days !!!!! The only thing that would improve this beautiful photo is having me in it. ;-). lol. X

  5. @ MissGVious

    True, but you're in enough of them already x


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