Thursday, 10 September 2009

WurzelTip #2

Last Sunday I dropped my mobile in a cup of tea. Don't ask how, I've no idea, I just watched as it jumped out of my hand, arced through the air in slow motion and landed dead centre with an almighty splash in a full cup of tea . Needless to say, one dead Nokia.

Hours of blasting it with a hair dryer finally resulted in it switching back on but no signal. Next day I stuffed it into my air conditioner vent for the day, giving it a constant blast of dry air. Still no signal and the phone was now behaving rather strangely.

Then a couple of people suggested sealing it in an airtight bag full of rice, rice being a gerat moisture absorber. I tried this, placing it on a radiator for good measure to add warmth and was surprised at quite how much condensation started to appear on the inside of the bag 2 days on from my first attempts at drying it out. The condensation vanished, obviously absorbed into the ice as predicted. By the end of the day I had a fully functioning phone again.


  1. Who's a clumsy old Wurzel then, but what a great tip. I would never have thought of using rice in that way, silicagel perhaps, but not rice...

    And rice is easier to obtain at a moments notice than silicagel...

    Won't forget it now - provided I've got me rememberin 'ead on...!

  2. Its always handy to carry rice around with you - any good any scout knows that! ;-)

    Glad it worked Mr W!

    (best "word verification" yet - sadso!


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