Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gordon Brown - Has He Finally Lost The Plot ?

Has Gordon Brown finaly lost it completely?

I'm happy to admit that I've never liked Labour, and I dislike Gordon Brown as a person even more. But even putting such bias aside, I can't help but wonder has this country ever had such a rude, arrogant, delusional, incompetent, self-contradictory, out of touch and out of his depth leader in it's history? 

Just like I'm starting to feel sorry for a few Portsmouth supporting friends who are already resigned to relegation this season, I am actually starting to feel sorry for the rank-and-file grass rots labour membership. They must already be asking themselves what is the point of campaigning once the next election arrives with such a buffoon undermining any efforts they put in.

Here he is being interviewed by Adam Boulton this morning.  Watch it, and remember - this man is in charge of our country!  Gordon, there is a reason your name starts with the word GO.

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  1. Brown is almost the embodiment of the death of democracy. Unelected by his party, unelected by the electorate, refusing to honour election manifesto pledges (eg. Lisbon Treaty) and clearly in office but not in power. I suppose in the forthcoming general election if the voters don`t come up with the answer he likes, they`ll just be asked to keep on voting until they do. The Irish Referendum tomorrow is clearly a dummy run. Democracy RIP.


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