Saturday, 30 May 2009

Woolston, and similar smaller shopping areas

An interesting post from a fellow blogger

The complete works of TGR Worzel: What killed Woolston and how I would fix it...

regarding Woolston, an area in which I have a particular interest, and similarly sized shopping areas. There's an interesting discussion also growing in the comments section, views of others would also be welcomed.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I think we've both got Woolston's (and SFC's) best interests at heart Wurzel, but as we've discussed in the comments on my blog we realise we're coming at it from slightly different perspectives.

    That's not a bad thing actually. We've got to have a starting point, something for the debate to focus on, something to get people involved and talking.

    Hopefully a consensus will drop out. Starting positions can always be changed if there's a good reasoned argument. That's what grass-roots politics is all about !

    I'm aware that my Blogging and Twittering is followed by the main political parties and the media, so anything that is posted there is likely to be read by the people that matter.

    I echo your request that other peoples views would be welcomed. It really doesn't matter if you agree, disagree or have a completely different idea. So long as it is a civilised discussion (no offensive language, abuse etc., etc.) all comments are welcome and I'll publish them.


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