Friday, 30 January 2009

The Power of the Search Engine

Strange family !, originally uploaded by Wurzel.

I like to use Flickr for displaying some of my photographs. Most have, I like to think anyway, a degree of artistic merit or a least interesting subject matter. So it's a bit disappointing to find that this picture has had over 5 times as many views as the next best one.

Why? It's nothing more than a family shot from a day out at Wookey Hole.

But foolishly I entitled in "Strange Family". AZnd beng able to see where ti's hits come from I now realise that it has slowly moved it's way up the Yahoo search engine rankings so that if you type in the word "strange" (as I'm sure numerous bored surfers do from time to time) into theier image search it appears in the top line of their listings. Thanks to that it's currently averaging a couple of dozen hit a day.

I'll blame it on our "dumbing down" culture.

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