Sunday, 18 January 2009

Northington Grange

Northington Grange, originally uploaded by Wurzel.
Whilst out and about today we visited Northington Grange, near Alresford, Hampshire. This is an amazing place, tucked away down a country lane, blink and you'd miss the entrance. An imposing architectural wonder, stood totally alone and unattended Any attempts to see through any windows not blacked out reveals a derelict interior. Or so it seems. Because in the summer it comes alive ! The video below reveals the secret.


  1. The theatre bit is a new build inside/underneath the building at the back.
    A good business idea might be to sell shock absorbers at the main gate after each performance (unless thay have done something to the driveway.
    Imagine what it must have looked like at its prime with the surrounding landscaping.
    I did a walk there from Alresford once and ending up coming in across a private estate owned by Lord Something-Or-Other his gardener stopped me and said that His Grace didn't like "the public" looking across at his estate, so I carried on and had a good old stare across, I even gave him a cheery wave, he waved back as did Her Ladyship.

  2. This place is absolutely beautiful! doesanyone know if it is available to hire out for weddings or balls and the like? would be an ideal place.... if anyone knows can they email me on thankyou.


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