Saturday, 5 April 2008

Unusual Visitor

Unusual Visitor, originally uploaded by Wurzel.

It's not every day you get visited by a skunk - well certainly not in England anyway.

Today, in my shop, a customer asked if it was ok to bring animals in. This usually means a guide dog, or at worst a well behaved dog on a lead so naturally we agreed.

So in he strolled with his skunk in a carry case, and at my request to take a photo for the kids out it came. I had no idea quite how big they are (I thought more like rabbit sized). This one is female, apparently the males are significantly bigger. Thankfully she had been de-scented and was very tame.

The owner runs a business taking animals around schools giving kids a "hands-on" and close-up experience of rare and unusual creatures. Yet another improvement in education nowadays, in my day we had to make do with text book photos and a class gerbil.

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