Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Just Say No !

Just Say No !, originally uploaded by Wurzel.

Flickr is probably the best photo-sharing planet on the web. It's a place were anyone can feel accepted, from the most professional of photographers, to the enthusiastic amateur, to a simple "snapper" who wants to share his or her holiday snaps.

Today they have decided - without consulting the members who pay to keep it going - to allow videos to be uploaded as well.

Why ? I've no idea .

If users want to see videos there are plenty of sites already for that, YouTube, MetaCafe etc, there' no need for them on a photography site. I can only imagine it's the same principle as Tescos expanding into the - well virtually everything - market, thatare worried that if users/customers have to go elsewhere for one thing they might not come back.

Personally I feel it's a ridiculous decision. I have learned a lot about photography from Flickr, the last thing I want is to keep stumbling across terrible mobile phone quality videos of drunken teenagers having a "fun" - there's a time and a place for those but it's not Flickr.

Despite the videos being announced less than 24 hours ago there is already a massive and rapidly growing campaign to get Flick to re-think, or at least consult it's fee paying members over this. If they don't it could be a case of corporate suicide - remember other photo-sharing sites are available.

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