Saturday, 8 March 2008

Rock Challenge

On Friday I went to Southampton Guildhall to watch my daughter perform for her school in a heat of the Global Rock Challenge. What a great evening.

It's the second year she's done it, and both times her school has put on an amazing performance, ending up in second place on each occasion.

The challenge is for children aged between 11 and 18. It's a combination of drama and dance. The teams have to create an 8 minute performance based around a theme of their choice. Last year they chose as a topic the comparison between war and football violence, in 8 minutes taking us on a trip from the first world war trenches through to the recent World Cup. How can they do that in dance ? I did wonder myself when she told me but when I saw the performance - involving around 40 children- it was simply amazing. This year it was comparing the public and private lives of stars from the era of the Hollywood greats and the different problems they encountered and again it was a superb spectacle worthy of any professional show.

It is down to the children themselves to come up with a theme, the choreography, design and make the props, costumes, hair and make up, select the soundtrack and arrange the lighting.

Every child that takes part should feel very proud, what they achieve is a credit to every single one of them

The only disappointment for me is how little coverage the event gets. With us daily hearing more news of anti-social behaviour and much worse from kids of this age it's events like this that show that not all kids are like that, far from it. Yet as is usual for the media they concentrate on the bad and ignore the good. It's a shame some tv company doesn't take on coverage of the whole tour, it would make much more compelling viewing than much of the "reality" trash we are force fed these days - and you never know it may unearth a few stars of the future at the same time.

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