Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Favourites Lists - An Impossible Task

Over on the left I've got one of those IMDB widgets showing details of my Top 10 movies. Except it's already a list of 12. (Edit: Since removd it keeps changing the list on it's own!!)

How does anyone ever create a definitive favourite list of anything? When I added it a couple of months back I picked my top 10. I've re-arranged, added to and knocked off films ever since. Last night I watched Basic Instinct again. How did I ever forget to include that one? A true classic of it's genre (even if it does leave many questions unanswered, but then that's part of the appeal) In it goes a new entry at number 5, demoting all those below it.

I guess favourites is an emotional choice depending on a lot of variables, mainly the mood you are in when you select the list. Sliver is still in there, ok as a film but earns extra brownie points for the soundtrack. is that enough to keep it in? Maybe - maybe not. It would never get in a list of "Best" movies, but best and favourite aren't the same thing.

So that list is likely to be continuing to evolve forever. And as I type I have just remembered Green Mile, definitely another favourite. Time to go edit it again.

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  1. I had the same problem. I must add `Absence of Malice.`


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