Tuesday, 2 October 2007

So Off I Went To Woolworths ...

Me: "Are you stocking the Sex Pistols' single ?"
Woman behind counter: (pointing vaguely to the cd section) "Um is it on the list ?"
Me: "No, that's last weeks chart, it's only released today"
WBC: "Is it in the stand ?"
Me: "No that's for cds, it won't fit it's on 7 inch vinyl"
WBC: (looking at me as if I have just spoken in Swahili) "I'll check in here, who is it by again" and starts rummaging through a drawer full of cds .
Me: " Sex Pistols. But it won't fit in there either, it's on 7 inch vinyl "
WBC: (now looking at me like I have escaped from some sort of looney bin, but still searching through a pile of cds) " Nah, don't think we've got that one "

No further comment necessary.

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