Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Golfing Bug

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Just eight short weeks ago I played golf for the first time for ages and ages. Yesterday I had my fourth game in 8 short weeks.

So far there's been no real improvement - a 3 point spread covers my 4 round totals to date - but I'm determined there will be. Two consecutive good shots would be a start.

Yep, the bug has well and truly bitten. At least it makes the "what can I get you for Xmas" question a bit easier to answer.


  1. Welcome to the fold - I have received mixed press reports on my blog about my golfing career, qv.

    Just remember my `value for money` golfing philosophy - after spending all that money on the gear, fees, lessons, etc, I want to hit the ball as many times as possible....and I do.

  2. You'd be so proud of me.
    I forgot to include the "Balls" score for the last round
    Lost-0 Found-4


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