Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Driving Again.

That was a v...e...r...y long month !

For medical reasons I've not been allowed to drive for a month. I've had to rely on Mrs W to drive me everywhere. I think she done ok, whenever I dared open my eyes she seemed to be travelling in a straight line and always had inches to spare between us and the car in front. The handle thing above the passenger door where you hang your coat has been gripped so hard it's now bent out of shape. But a quick inspection has revealed that nothing seems to be missing from the outside of the car.

But seriously, you don't appreciate the independence that you have in being able to drive where you want when you want until you can't. Even though it was only temporary I couldn't wait to get back behind the wheel. And I think the car missed me too. When I turned that ignition key for the first time I'm sure it wasn't just me sighing with relief.

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