Friday, 8 January 2010

Not Snow Much As Promised

Following on from previous post, as usual, the severe weather suddenly diverted before it reached here.  Having said that it is still the most snow we've had for years and it doesn't show much signs of thawing i the near future.

Tuesday evening I had to go out aound the time the bulk of the snow hit. The main roundabout near us became grid-locked and I decided to turn round and go home. A good decision as it turned out because half a mile further on and I'd have been in the middle of THIS .

Eventually we got about 10cms, nowhere near the "up to 40cms" we were warned of. Apart from the few hours of blizzard, driving is pretty easy as long as you're  a) sensible and b) can reach the well cleared main roads without encountering any icy hills on the way. All the local schools(including the one where Mrs Wurzel works, she's already tearing her hair out through boredom) have remained closed for 3 days. Why? In my school-days the school only closed if the boilers packed up - if it snowed you just got out your gloves and wellies and got on with it. What lesson does it teach kids today ?- at the first sign of adversity, give up.

Plenty more snow forecast for Saturday and Sunday - we shall see.  I might get out to play in it yet.

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  1. I'm knackered. Cleared my Mums drive yesterday so she didn't slip on the ice, but in order to do that I had to clear mine first so I could get the car out.

    Having cleared two driveways, I'm very glad it was only three inches - instead of a foot...


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