Friday, 22 February 2008

Game 39 - Dead As The Dodo

So it looks like the Premier League's idea about playing a 39th game every season in a foreign country is virtually dead already.

Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA is against it.
The English FA (still, allegedly, in charge of the game in this country is against it)
The Australian FA is against it.
The Asian FA is against it
The US FA is against it.
Virtually every fan in England is against it.
Several club managers are against it.

Please forgive me while I just have a gentle chuckle to myself.

How can these money-grabbing morons that run the PL get things SO wrong time after time ? Yet still it is the most popular league in the world (based on attendances) . Makes you wonder quite how popular it could be if the people in charge of it actually knew what they were doing !

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