Sunday, 3 June 2007

He's a She ?!?!

Regular readers of my blog will both remember that back last November we bought a kitten. A little boy kitten called Salem.

I never wanted a cat, but soon had to admit he was really cute and in no time at all grew to accept him as part of the family. Much as I would have preferred to have a dog (which I wouldn't whilst we both work) , watching my little boy cat grow up was almost as much fun

Well 6 months on it would appear that Salem is a girl !

When we bought him we were told he was a boy. Twice the vet has confirmed he is a boy. Our own visual checks, (see diagram left) whilst not the easiest thing to carry out on a cat who doesn't want his "private bits" inspected by all and sundry, gave us no reason to doubt his gender. We have been getting a little concerned at the lack of balls dropping now he has reached 8 months old but assumed it would be happening any time soon.

But this week Salem has been showing a few new "trends". He/she/it has started calling, raising it's bum off the ground and sticking it in the air (lordosis) and showing all the signs of estrus . All these are new terms to me but basically it means our little boy is a female and in heat ! We'll take her to the vet tomorrow for confirmation, but everyone we know who has any knowledge of cats is in no real doubt .

Fingers crossed there's no kittens on the way.


  1. Pfft! For someone who is so anti-Big Brother, using a "sitemeter" to check who actually looks here and then apply pressure to get people to acknowledge the fact through "comments", is a bit of an oxymoron?

    Anyway - Wurzel, the archetypal male dominatrix turns out to not know the difference between male and female. Hmmmm....

    Poor old Salem, doesn't know which way he/she should turn. Bloomin Vets!

  2. As you know Wurzel that my cat is called Salem as well except he's definitely a he on account of his obsession of showing off his prowess!

    Bit of a shame we've had him snipped as we could have gone into production of cute cuddly black cats!


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