Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Good News

I've had the tests done including the brain scans - yes they found one, no it wasn't in my arse. The doctor was good enough to personally hunt down the scans herself without waiting for the official report to be sent through and phone me at 7.30pm to say everything is showing up just fine with no scarring on the brain. Will probably never know exactly what caused the mini-stroke but it has caused no lasting damage which was my main fear. It could of course happen again but there's no point worrying about that, if I'd never had one I could still have one for the first time at any time (if you know what I mean).

Surprisingly the tests threw up something unexpected and as far as I know unrelated - I have an under-active thyroid. This was total news to me, no idea what it even does. But when I looked up the symptoms I have had probably 75% of them over the last 6 months, all the sort of thing I was just putting down to getting old. This is easily treatable and nothing to worry about.

So know I am feeling ultra positive and raring to go - and even Saints are back in the thick of things again. All I need now is a nice pools win ..........

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