Saturday, 17 February 2007

Scandalous Football Ticket Prices - Please Sign The Petition

Football Ticket Prices.
Are they too high?
They are for me and they are for thousands of others who are now staying away from grounds all over the country. And no longer being a regular away fan I didn't realise that many clubs charge fans of clubs with large away followings MORE than both their own fans and fans of clubs with small followings to subsidise their own drop in attendances.. Families are being priced out of the game, and without the youngsters being brought to games now, the "fans" of the future are going to be watching from their armchairs only and never venturing near a real match

It's time something was done about prices before the football "bubble" bursts. In my opinion it is already stretched to popping point (see my earlier post ), when it does finally burst, which I think will be as early as when clubs announce their season ticket prices for next season, it will burst big time. The game I once loved has already changed almost beyond recognition, it could be lost for ever.

The Football Supporters' Federation have arranged a petition protesting about scandalous ticket prices, I urge anyone that cares about the game to read it and sign it HERE

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